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Ceramic Coating

Add extra gloss and protection to your vehicle with our Professional Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating in Charlotte, NC

Ceramic Coating

Professional Ceramic Coating Installers

Add extra gloss and protection to your vehicle

Ceramic coating uses the newest technology in the automotive coating industry to form an extra layer of protection on your vehicle’s paint. The ceramic coating not only protects your paint, but also gives your car’s paint more depth and glossiness.


Ceramic Coating Features


Acts like a liquid glass, adding an extra layer of protection on your vehicles paint

Hydrophobic Properties

Hydrophobic properties keep hard water and debris from sticking to your paint.

Weather & UV Resistant

Adds a layer of UV protection to shield your paint from the elements

Scratch Resistant

Creates a scratch resistant surface to protect against swirls and fine scratches.

Best Auto Ceramic Coating Service

Ceramic Coating Worth

Is Ceramic Coating Worth the Investment?

When professional grade ceramic coatings are applied professionally they are proven to protect painted surfaces for 3-5 years.

Ceramic coating also reduces maintenance costs by making washing your vehicle easier and less frequently needed.


Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

There are a lot of coating companies that make some pretty big claims of what it can do. Although there’s some truth to the claims, I don’t like to oversell the capabilities of it.

So here are some benefits you actually get with a coating:

As a general rule of thumb, the more durable the coating, for instance, a 1 year versus a 9 year coating, the harder it is to install. You have to understand the weather variables as that can play a major factor in the installation process.

Different coatings react different to when it’s humid, cold, or hot. And if you’ve been in Houston for longer then three days, you’ll know the temperature is always changing.

Best Auto Ceramic Coating Service

This Is Too Much for You?

Here’s Your Escape Plan

If you think the process of car detailing at home is too complex, here’s your escape plan. Fortunately, Ecocleansepros is a car detailing service that can do all the work for you!

Ecocleansepros offers a variety of packages and services, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget. They use only the most suitable and safest products, so you can be sure your car will look and smell great!

Our Work

Our Ceramic Coating Work


Frequently Asked Questions

Once the coating is applied, the vehicle should not get wet for the first 48 hours so it can fully cure. After that, we advise our customers to not wash their vehicle for the first two weeks. The first wash after we apply the ceramic coating is free to you so we can check how the coating is holding up.

If your paint is chipping and fading due to clear coat failure, the only option to fix that is a repaint. A ceramic coating will not be able to help.

We do not apply coatings to vehicles that have not gone through the proper prep and correction as you will not reap the benefits of a coating without it.