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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing

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When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s pristine appearance, auto detailing services go the extra mile, far beyond a simple “car wash.” Professional detailers employ meticulous techniques to rejuvenate your vehicle, inside and out, ensuring its long-term beauty and value retention. Many experts recommend scheduling car detailing sessions at least once or twice a month to safeguard your investment. However, the decision of how to undertake this process lies with the vehicle owner. This brings us to a trending option: mobile car detailing. In contrast to traditional in-shop detailing, many vehicle owners are opting for the convenience of having detailers come to them. But what sets mobile car detailing apart, and do the benefits outweigh the complexities? Let’s delve into this in-depth comparison about Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing.

What Is Mobile Car Detailing?

At a superficial level, mobile car detailing is precisely what it sounds like – professionals come to your location, rather than the other way around. Once on-site, they execute a series of cleaning and restoration tasks that take your vehicle’s cleanliness to the next level.

Mobile car detailing services have surged in popularity in recent years, and for good reasons. Factors such as public health concerns, rising gas prices, and the advent of online booking technologies have contributed to this trend. Drivers are increasingly drawn to the convenience of having detailing professionals work around their schedules and locations, eliminating the need to queue up at physical detailing shops.

Most Mobile Car Detailing Services Include…

1. Paint Treatment

  • Clay bar treatment
  • Hand waxing
  • Hand polishing

The typical mobile car detailing service commences with a meticulous focus on your vehicle’s paint. At Big’s Mobile, our team employs eco-friendly steam cleaning techniques, plush microfiber towels, and a waterless wash solution to clean the entire exterior without risking paint damage or causing water runoff. We then proceed with the following steps:

  • Removal of tar, bugs, and road grime from your paint.
  • Clay bar treatment to eliminate microscopic contaminants.
  • Hand waxing to fortify the clear coat.
  • Hand polishing to rectify minor scratches and enhance paint luster.
  • Restoration of all exterior plastics to their factory-fresh condition.

2. Interior Detailing

  • Thorough interior cleaning
  • Car seat stain removal

Comprehensive mobile car detailing services extend beyond the exterior. They encompass a comprehensive interior cleaning as well. This is crucial because the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime inside your car can lead to significant wear and tear over time.

At Big’s Mobile, our interior detailing process includes:

  • Removal of all trash and debris.
  • Thorough vehicle vacuuming, with special attention to tight spaces and crevices.
  • Deep cleaning of interior leathers and plastics, including the dashboard, console, and door panels.
  • Effective treatment of stubborn car seat stains through vacuuming, steam cleaning, and conditioning, ensuring they are odor and stain-free.

3. Odor Removal

  • Ozone machine treatment
  • “Odor bombs” for ventilation systems

Basic car washes typically do not address vehicle odors effectively. However, this is an area where our comprehensive mobile car detailing services truly shine. We employ an ozone machine for odor removal, a safer and more efficient alternative to harsh chemicals. Ozone molecules attach to odor-causing particles, breaking them down and leaving your car smelling fresh and clean. Additionally, we deploy “odor bombs” that run odor-fighting chemicals through the vehicle’s ventilation system to eliminate any lingering smells.

4. Wheel & Tire Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning
  • Special cleaner application
  • Tire dressing

Your wheels and tires endure considerable wear and tear on the road, from harsh winter conditions to summer dust and debris. At Big’s Mobile, our mobile car detailing services in Coumbia provide intensive wheel and tire cleaning to preserve their appearance and longevity.

Our process involves:

  • Steam cleaning to remove caked-on grime.
  • Application of a specialized cleaner to dissolve remaining dirt and debris.
  • Use of non-abrasive tools and plush microfibers to prevent rim scratching.
  • Application of tire dressing to prevent fading, cracking, and hardening over time, prolonging your tire’s lifespan and appearance.

5. Window Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning
  • Glass waxing

Typical mobile car detailing services also encompass comprehensive window cleaning, ensuring a streak-free finish every time. Our team goes the extra mile by steam cleaning your windows inside and out. This not only guarantees a pristine look but also applies wax to repel water, making future window cleaning effortless. Improved visibility during inclement weather is an added bonus.

Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing

Now that we’ve delved into what’s included in mobile car detailing, let’s explore how it distinguishes itself from traditional in-shop detailing.

The primary distinction is one of convenience when comparing Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing. Opting for mobile car detailing services means the professionals come to you. This not only saves you time but also allows you to establish a personal rapport with your detailer. In contrast, in-shop detailing necessitates dropping off your vehicle at the shop, often for several hours or overnight, which can be inconvenient, particularly if your vehicle is essential for work or other commitments.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing


1. Saves Car Owners Time

  • Mobile car detailing typically takes 1 to 8 hours, depending on the company and its business model. In contrast, in-shop detailing can range from 1 to 48 hours. This can be a significant inconvenience if you rely on your vehicle daily.

2. Often More Affordable

  • Smaller, owner-operated mobile detailing companies can offer services at a fraction of the cost of larger auto shops. At Big’s Mobile, all our mobile auto detailing appointments start at just $279, significantly cheaper than most in-shop options.

3. Flexible Appointment Times & Personal Relationships

  • Mobile car detailing allows for flexible appointment scheduling, catering to your busy schedule or unconventional hours. At Big’s Mobile, we arrive when and where you need us, ensuring undivided attention to your vehicle. Personal relationships with clients are common among mobile car detailers, providing a more personalized experience and opportunities for advice on vehicle maintenance.


1. Limited Services

  • While mobile car detailers offer a wide range of services, they may not cover everything. Services like auto body repairs or paintless dent removal are typically available only at in-shop locations. More extensive services may necessitate a visit to a physical shop.

2. Adequate Space Required

  • Some vehicle owners may lack the necessary space for mobile detailing services. However, mobile detailers are often adept at working in tight spaces, requiring only access to water and enough room for their team to maneuver.


In conclusion, when deciding between Mobile Car Detailing vs. In-Shop Detailing, the key is proactive care for your vehicle. Detailing plays a pivotal role in extending your vehicle’s lifespan and preserving its appearance. If you’re considering scheduling your first mobile detailing appointment, our team at Big’s Mobile is ready to assist. We offer the convenience of on-location detailing with the professionalism and expertise you expect. Schedule your mobile detailing appointment online today and give your vehicle the attention and care it truly deserves.